Props & Futures
Touchdown Futures - 9/19/2019
Future Odds Status
1/12/2019 - Player to Score a Touchdown: Cowboys @ Rams (All Bets Action) (Multiple Winners Possible) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
E Elliott (DAL) 4-7 Final
T Gurley (LA) 2-5 Final
A Cooper (DAL) 3-2 Final
D Prescott (DAL) 11-4 Final
C Anderson (LA) 15-4 Final
J Reynolds (LA) 3-2 Final
B Cooks (LA) 23-20 Final
R Woods (LA) 23-20 Final
B Jarwin (DAL) 11-4 Final
G Everett (LA) 2-1 Final
D Schultz (DAL) 7-2 Final
Rams DST (LA) 3-1 Final
T Austin (DAL) 7-2 Final
C Beasley (DAL) 15-4 Final
M Gallup (DAL) 10-3 Final
Cowboys DST (DAL) 9-2 Final
T Higbee (LA) 5-1 Final
J Goff (LA) 6-1 Final
K Hodge (LA) 17-2 Final
R Smith (DAL) 9-1 Final
N Brown (DAL) 11-1 Final
No Touchdown 50-1 Final
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