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Player Specials - 9/18/2020
Future Odds Status
9/17/2020 - Player to Score TD Anytime And Team Wins (All Bets Action) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
N Chubb (CLE) 12-10 Final
O Beckham Jr (CLE) 15-8 Final
K Hunt (CLE) 3-2 Final
J Landry (CLE) 19-10 Final
A Hooper (CLE) 13-5 Final
R Higgins (CLE) 10-3 Final
Browns DST (CLE) 9-2 Final
J Mixon (CIN) 4-1 Final
A Green (CIN) 11-2 Final
B Mayfield (CLE) 11-2 Final
T Boyd (CIN) 13-2 Final
H Bryant (CLE) 13-2 Final
J Ross (CIN) 8-1 Final
K Hodge (CLE) 9-1 Final
Bengals DST (CIN) 9-1 Final
G Bernard (CIN) 11-1 Final
J Burrow (CIN) 11-1 Final
C Uzomah (CIN) 11-1 Final
A Tate (CIN) 12-1 Final
D Sample (CIN) 18-1 Final