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Player to Score First TD - 6/5/2020
Future Odds Status
11/11/2019 - Player to Score First Touchdown: Seahawks @ 49ers (All Bets Action) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
K Bourne (SF) 30-1 Final
T Coleman (SF) 5-1 Final
T Lockett (SEA) 15-2 Final
C Carson (SEA) 15-2 Final
E Sanders (SF) 17-2 Final
G Kittle (SF) 9-1 Final
M Breida (SF) 9-1 Final
D Samuel (SF) 12-1 Final
D Metcalf (SEA) 14-1 Final
49ers DST (SF) 19-1 Final
D Pettis (SF) 20-1 Final
Seahawks DST (SEA) 22-1 Final
R Dwelley (SF) 22-1 Final
J Gordon (SEA) 22-1 Final
J Hollister (SEA) 22-1 Final
R Wilson (SEA) 30-1 Final
J Garoppolo (SF) 30-1 Final
R Penny (SEA) 35-1 Final
J Brown (SEA) 35-1 Final
L Willson (SEA) 40-1 Final
No Touchdown 50-1 Final