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Touchdown Futures - 9/19/2019
Future Odds Status
11/11/2018 - Player to Score First Touchdown: Falcons @ Browns (All Bets Action) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
R Higgins (CLE) 25-1 Final
N Chubb (CLE) 6-1 Final
T Coleman (ATL) 6-1 Final
I Smith (ATL) 17-2 Final
J Jones (ATL) 17-2 Final
C Ridley (ATL) 9-1 Final
M Sanu (ATL) 12-1 Final
D Njoku (CLE) 13-1 Final
J Landry (CLE) 13-1 Final
A Hooper (ATL) 13-1 Final
D Johnson Jr. (CLE) 14-1 Final
A Callaway (CLE) 17-1 Final
Browns DST (CLE) 22-1 Final
Falcons DST (ATL) 22-1 Final
M Ryan (ATL) 35-1 Final
M Hall (ATL) 35-1 Final
E Saubert (ATL) 35-1 Final
B Mayfield (CLE) 40-1 Final
D Ratley (CLE) 45-1 Final
S DeValve (CLE) 45-1 Final
No Touchdown 50-1 Final
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