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NBA Futures - 8/23/2019
Future Odds Status
6/1/2019 - NBA Western Conference - Odds to Win
Golden State Warriors 1-5 Final
Houston Rockets 13-5 Final
Denver Nuggets 6-1 Final
Portland Blazers 10-1 Final
San Antonio Spurs 65-1 Final
Oklahoma City Thunder 100-1 Final
Utah Jazz 250-1 Final
Los Angeles Clippers 500-1 Final
Sacramento Kings 2500-1 Final
Dallas Mavericks 2500-1 Final
New Orleans Pelicans 5000-1 Final
Phoenix Suns 5000-1 Final
Los Angeles Lakers 5000-1 Final
Memphis Grizzlies 5000-1 Final
Minnesota T-Wolves 5000-1 Final
6/1/2020 - NBA Western Conference - Odds to Win
Los Angeles Clippers 24-10 In Progress
Los Angeles Lakers 375-100 In Progress
Houston Rockets 6-1 In Progress
Golden State Warriors 14-2 In Progress
Denver Nuggets 16-2 In Progress
Utah Jazz 16-2 In Progress
Portland Blazers 20-1 In Progress
San Antonio Spurs 35-1 In Progress
Dallas Mavericks 40-1 In Progress
New Orleans Pelicans 70-1 In Progress
Sacramento Kings 70-1 In Progress
Oklahoma City Thunder 100-1 In Progress
Minnesota T-Wolves 150-1 In Progress
Memphis Grizzlies 250-1 In Progress
Phoenix Suns 300-1 In Progress
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